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Generation X [RadioShow] season 2016-2017


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The Story So Far

'Generation X [RadioShow]'  (also known as GenX show too) is my essential 'child-project' as it came into life along with my GL0WKiD project in 2011.

The show is covering a mixed generation with oldskool vs nuskool influences blending different genres such as Breakbeat/Bass/Hardcore Breaks/Acid/Oldskool Hardcore/Hardcore Techno and anything similar to the RAVE spirit, with continuous support & great feedback from various producers/djs, label managers wordwide, like Luna-C, FFF, Nefti, Retropolis, Damage Inc., DJ CRIP, Champion Breaks, Pursuit, Greg Sin Key, The Flashback Project, DJ Nee, MandiDextrous, Long Live The Animals, KODE 5 Recordings, Dred Collective, Bassrock Records, Bad Habit, Acme Bass Records, Switchblade Digital, Good Times Recordings and many more others!
The horizons & directions are always open on GenX, so been presenting also lots of different kind of tributes & supporting true music spirits!

The first home of GenX show was Athens based net-station,, where been broadcasting from there for more than 2 yrs with an overal number of 71 shows (season 2011-2012 - 32 shows and on season 2012-2013 - 39 shows). At that time I had the chance to host some great guests like Neurygma from Spain, Retropolis from UK, DJ Mark C and Resin, who had presented for the very first time his debut Album, 'Substance' (out from Good Times Recordings).

'About' GenX on

In summer 2013, I've moved to UK's mighty Nu-RaveRadio where reached a total number of 37 shows, with various great guests aswell like Nefti and DJ Nee alongside some very talented & personal fav ones like Hamsta (UK), Russian duet Mana Boom, DJ Casketkrusher (NL) and DJ Rave In Peace from UK (just to name few of them).

Around April 2014, had an honoured moment and achievement as GenX was nominated into the Top 5 radioshows in the category 'Best Radio Show' on Breakspoll 2014 International Awards.

Breakspoll International Awards 2014 - Nominations

Around July 2014, 
Nu-Rave Radio chapter was closed after all these years of class work and services to the Nu-Rave & Nuskool Hardcore & Jungle scene, so most crew from there (including me) moved to a new net-station and a new home like Planet Rave Radio.
First season on Planet Rave Radio, found myself hungry for more, reaching the number of 38 shows in overall, surrounded also by various guests again like Polish established hardcore head, DJ Tornado celerating 10yrs of Tornado Records on a special showcase, or even Amiga Breaks (UK) and Graz (US) by presenting his new own label.

To download the GenX shows archive @ Planet Rave Radio (Season 2014-2015) - click here 

season 2014-2015 shows archive

The nomination to the top 5 on the 'Best Radio Show' category in 2014, was literally followed successfully by hitting number 8 spot on the 14th International Awards, which were held around March 2015.
You can check out the official announcement post on Breakspoll's website here including results breakdown and pie charts in all categories, and my personal point of view about it can be read here

Breakspoll 2015 Results For "Best Radio Show"

Generation X [RadioShow] aims to bring you back that real vibe of soul with glow energy & rave attitude, always uplifting and always positive!
It has been receiving full support from variours listeners such as oldskool & nuskool fans, producers & DJs , label managers, promoters and uniting many nations like UK, Greece, Serbia, Spain, US, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Finland, Hungary, Russia, Bolivia & Japan.
During its 6 years of life GenX show counts around 210 shows with over 50 guests.
Download the 2015-2016 archives here and 2016-2017 here
However, in early 2018 a new project was born and that's dealing with video. It's called #GLOWBUZZ thus Generation X [RadioShow] has put a pause on the weekly basis, being broadcasted occasionally on Kniteforce Radio presenting special guests and exclusive tributes.

GUESTS at GenX show so far (click on each name to check more):

Mark Archer/Altern-8 (UK)
Billy Daniel Bunter (UK)
DJ Vibes (UK)

Simon Colebrooke/2 BAD MICE (UK)
Dave Skywalker (UK)
DJ Nee (AUS)

Nefti (PL)
Neurygma (ES)
Retropolis (UK)
AleX Tune (UA)
Graz (US)
Amiga Breaks (UK)
DJ Mark C (UK)
Hamsta (UK)
Mana Boom (RUS)
Tariq Ziyad (UK)
Shifter (RUS) 
DJ Rave In Peace (UK)
Exit Point (UK)
DJ Slim [Liquid Rollers] (UK)
Coco Bryce (NL)
IRultimate [Brain Surge Entertainment] (UK)
Empyreal (GER)
Doughboy (US)
NJ zEn (JP)
Paul Cronin (UK)
Yell-O-Phase (FIN)
Xenophobia (UK)
Systec & Sir Rice (a.k.a Spirit of Mind) (GER)
Stu Allan (UK)
Jonay (ES)
Jenna (UK)

Here are some special showcases made throughout these years, focusing mainly on tributes to The Prodigy and few more other interested & beloved influences and sounds, which proudly received huge feedback and big likes from the listeners and fans of this show.
Under these you can check out some official artwork of the weekly regular Generation X [RadioShow].

Closing this presentation/review with a trip to the early GenX days and the first teaser ever made for Generation X [RadioShow]..  (Recorded in Greek language)
You might be interested on this one as all things started with it, by that time!

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