Wednesday, 23 December 2015

EMPYREAL (GER) & DOUGHBOY (US) Guests @ Generation X [RadioShow] - 22DEC.2015 [FULL SHOW+REVIEW]

This show was recorded as broadcasted live on 22nd December 2015 @ Planet Rave Radio presented & hosted by GL0WKiD - Live streaming from Athens/Greece.
A 2hr showcase along with my 2 special guests & very talented UK Hardcore/Hardcore Techno representers like US producer/DJ DOUGHBOY (a.k.a Chris Shipley) and German producer, EMPYREAL (a.k.a Hendrik Blockus).
DJ Doughboy shows off his skills, dropping a smashin' 1hr Mix and getting also interviewed talking about his story so far, his involvement with KFA and lots of other interesting stuff in his 14yr career, while Empyreal opens his files about his forthcoming new work on KFA, titled 'Cheer UP EP', his relationship with Luna-C and all previous personal releases @ KFA since 2013.
In addition, all tracks from 'Cheer Up EP' are featured on the background of Empyreal's interview.


The Prodigy - Outta Space (Timewarped by Dj Luna-C)
Rhytone - Funky Hero
Takahiro Aoki - C9H13N
Alex Bassjunkie - Panik [REBUILD MUSIC]

  • INTERVIEW with DOUGHBOY (Tracks on the background: Saiyan&Cru-L-T-Magic/Doughboy-Never Break/Graz-Shibuya)

  • DOUGHBOY Guest Mix 
01. Fracus & Darwin feat. Sarah Clanton - Collide
02. Feint- We Won't Be Alone (feat Laura Brehm)
03. Zedd's Dead - Cowboy (Doughboy Remix)
04. Luna-C - Plink (Piano Progression the Third)
05. Empyreal - Cheer Up
06. Kayzo & Sullivan King - Til We Die
07. Fracus & Darwin feat Pearl Blue - Join Us Now
08. Doughboy - Good Things
09. Alex Prospect, Callum Higby, & Rhezie - Watch Me Run
10. Fracus & Darwin vs. Bass Selective - Blow Put Part 4
11. Ian K, Outforce, & Starkiss - I'll Make You Famous
12. Doughboy - Gimme That Beat
13. Fr3sh Fr3vkquency & Stylemethod - I Wanna (Doughboy Remix)
14. Luna-C - Still Alive Remade
15. Al Storm & Mob - Poltergeist (Olly P Remix)
16. Stonebank - The Pressure
17. Doughboy - Here We Go
18. Rahihel - Legends feat. TeamMate (Hyper Potions Remix)
19. Gammer & Becci - Look Back (Original Sin Remix)
20. Doughboy - Heartbreaker (Eat Rave Remix)
21. Fracus & Darwin feat. Rowetta - More Than I Can Take
22. Transcend & Cyrax - Dark Forest (AoS Remix)
23. Saiyan & Cru-L-T - Cl4P
24. Luna-C - Emergency
25. Initial P - UFO Chaser (Ian K & Doughboy Remix)

  • INTERVIEW with EMPYREAL (Tracks on the background: ADM - Cheer Up - La Folia - Hell on Earth)

  • Closing track
IRultimate - All I Want For Christmas [BRAIN SURGE ENTERTAINMENT]

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Next Tuesday's showcase will be the last one for 2015, so I've decided to prepare something special and...out of Hardcore style this time! We'll have the chance to rave on with other means of energy!
I'm very happy to announce KILLAFLAW from UK as special guesting!
Gonna interview Andy Paton one-half of Killaflaw, and I'll be doing a presentation of their personal album 'Sleaze & Grit' which is about 'rave & roll' attitude and proper joules of energy! Gonna drop all tracks from there so not to be missed this one!
Tuesday 29th December 2015 - Killaflaw 'Sleaze & Grit' Special @ GenX show
Tune @ at 16:30 pm [UK TIME] (1hr earlier than usual)

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