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NEW gl0wMIX & Top Releases of 2015 Review!!

NEW glowmix unleased, this time as a part of the regular Strictly Nuskool Blog annual compilation titled 'Hall Of Fame' offering 2 new mixes by myself & Tariq Ziyad, showcasing the very best tunes of the year 2015, which has been an absolutely great year in quantity and quality of releases!


CD1 mixed by GL0WKiD

01. FFF - Free Your Soul [MYOR MASSIV]
02. DJ Wislov - Hardcore School [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
03. DJ Rave In Peace - Into Rhythm [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
04. DJ Rave In Peace - Lost Angels [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
05. Paul Cronin - Ya Might Get A Rush [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
06. Orestiz - Wake Up And See [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
07. ISE - Baby Its A New Way

08. Oneplayz - Here For The Rush
09. Amiga Breaks - Oldskool Daze [DARK TIL DAWN RECORDS]
10. 1st Science - Get Out Of My Mind [RECORD UNION]
11. Deadly Nightshade - Look Around [RED ALFA]
12. Manarchy - We Are One [KAMBO RECORDS]
13. Onken - Acid Hardcore 9 [ACME BASS]
14. Liam Taylor - You Make Me Kill [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
15. Abyss - Devastating [SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL]
16. DJ Donna Summer - 15 Year Party [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]
17. Outlander - Vamp (Staccatissimo Revamp)
18. Melt Unit - Get Melted (dupzgnit rmx)
19. Liquid Crystal - You Got Me (The Renegades Mix) [DRED COLLECTIVE]

You may also read the celebrating 'TOP 5 OF 2015' BIG article @ Strictly Nuskool Blog: featuring 26 contributors like myself, Tariq Ziyad, BreakbeatScientist, Sparki Dee, Damage inc, DJ Tony-D, Rocksted-E, Bassraver, Breakforce One, Dave Skywalker, FFF, Goreshit, Graz, Ken Masters, Kushti, Luna-C, Matheus, Missqulater, Mitomoro, M-Project, Mr. Sparkle, Saiyan, Seeds of the Upcoming Infection, Spotovsky, The Crazydutchman and Vitality.

Some of the quick highlights of this year, in my opinion:
The great studio return of legendary acts like The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, the announcement for 2016 Empirion's new EP and Underworld's new (in over 5 years) forthcoming album plus plenty of Hardcore & Jungle releases, doubled on wax from last year and new blood on production and label action.
I'd also stick to the 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.2' album aswell, as it was a big moment and feeling more than stoked with the whole work and the kind feedback is still receiving from the fans!
Nuskool is us and it's a step ahead to the very respected Oldskool, humbly sayin, as there is a great amount of members and devoted soldiers doing absolutely valuable hard work.
So BIGUP goes to all of you one-by-one who give yourself and your best try to raise the scene up! Keep 'em coming to 2016!

So my Top 5 list of Albums is:

01. The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy [TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL/COOKING VINYL] (LINK)
Liam Howlett has correctly warned the world for the rise of violence, raw and harsh behaviour on the band's new direction and proving why these blokes are still the Electropunk kings in the scene!
It’s all about the Beats and no doubt this year was one of the greatest for all prodigy fans. Multiplied gigs, many prodge releases alongside the TDIME album and the feeling that we're all 1, the band and all the fans worldwide!
2015 is an emotional year of Prodigy energy! The Day Is My Enemy - The Night Is My Friend! Thank you Keef-Liam-Maxim!
You can read my full review about the Album @ The Prodigy Fanboy, here and listen to my special showcase about TDIME buzz, as aired during April, celebrating its NO.1 spot on UK Album Charts!

(Check here )
...Nuff Respect to the Prodigy!

02. PZG & Dubsknit - We Rob Rave LP [POLISH JUKE] (LINK)
It was around October 2014, while I was exploring the world of Soundcloud and stepped into two oldschool influenced tracks from 2 Polish producers/DJs like Dubsknit & PZG. I was shocked by listening to 'Sorry Josh'. A total blast of blended oldschool samples, a higher state of juke/footwork where rhythm is a dancer and then 'Desirave' with its driven oldschool juke melodies on a complete rush!
Been pleased after having a wonderful discussion with both of them, and receiving the promo of this masterpiece 'rave footwork' biz, where been playing these big tracks from last year till present!
'We Rob Rave' was officially released during January 2015 and is definetely the most appropriate 'modern rave' album, where Footwork & Juke are lifted up to the sky!
Props go to PZG, Dubsknit and Matteo from Polish Juke, such as the whole Polski Oldskool & Nuskool scene keeping the vibe alive!

03. Bong Ra & Deformer present: VOODOOM [PRSPCT RECORDINGS] (LINK)
This release gained my attention from the very first time, after hearing the previews from PRSPCT RECORDINGS.
VOODOOM is a collaboration between Bong-Ra & Deformer alongside Scapu Lox on the vocals and.. the result is huge enough beyond any expectations!
This project is influenced of 90s Jungle mixed with Darkstep and its debut album features 9 ultimate mental killers (+1 bonus tracks) all included on a perfectly attractive package for all collectors out there!
The description on the album refers to 'Dark Ritualistic Jungle' and gotta agree with that..
Get into this proper Dutch darkness!

04. V.A. - Year of the Ravertooth Vol.1 [RAVERTOOTH TIGER] (LINK)
2015 was the year when Seattle based producer/DJ like Graz, formed his very own label, called Ravertooth Tiger, and focused on releasing stuff from there either personal or signing various producers and promoting his beloved raving sub-genres. I had the chance to make a tribute to the "Year of the Ravertooth Vol.1" @ my radio show, alongside an interview with Graz, who talked about this 16track compilation and his plans. You can check it out here.
This album remains one of my top 2015 favourites, as blends successfully different vibes of Footwork, Drum & Bass, Chiptune, Jungle sounds, featuring class team of producers like DJ Donna Summer, MARU303, ElectroAss, Fat Frumos, Hackd, Machine Girl and many more.

05. Killaflaw - Sleaze & Grit [WALL OF SOUND] (LINK)
Tones of non stop energetic revolution pumping inside that album, which is a good kind of 'rave & roll'. Liverpool's dynamic duet like KILLAFLAW have launched their personal and very promising 13track album, out from the legendary Wall of Sound and brace yourselves all you broken idols inside the moshpit! It's 'Sleaze & Grit' belter, rolling since August!
You can read my full review about the album here

BONUS: Special Request - Modern Warface [XL] (LINK)
This is definetely on my top list and couldnt give headsup to the mighty Paul Woolford a.k.a Special Request and his talent! Special Request lived an honoured personal moment, when he got signed to the legendary XL Recordings and the result is pretyy awesome in here from the 'oldskool like' XL sleeve to the featured tracks which take you on a 125-140bpm trip of oldskool breaks & basslines influenced by jungle & hardcore sense.
This release is available on vinyl & digital format and consists of 9 tunes of mentality.

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