Tuesday, 15 March 2016

GL0WKiD with GORESHIT (Exclusive Guest Mix & Interview) @ Generation X [RadioShow] - Planet Rave Radio (15MAR2016)

This show was recorded as broadcasted live on 15th March 2016 @ www.planet-rave.com presented & hosted by GL0WKiD
Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

One of the most talented multi genre producers, creating successfully from Ambient to Breakcore, Hardcore Techno, Speedcore, Lolicore, Drum & Bass and IDM, the man like GORESHIT from UK, was my special guest doing a marvellous & smashing set alongside a radio interview answering fans questions and opening his files of life.

I'd like to thank again all fans sending over their questions for the radio interview and big glowluv as always to all GenX crew for the kind and continuous feedback.

Feel pleased with this amazing banging set from Goreshit! Definetely a must to watch versatile producer, expressing a great amount of fans wordwide under his various styles and inspirations.


> mix by GL0WKiD

Dave Skywalker - The Track With The Long Note [OFF ME NUT]
Bad Boy Pete - Extasy [ANARKO DUB TEKNO]
The Prodigy - Speedway [XL]
Machine Girl - Togoru
Terrorrythmus - XTC Overdose
Tonkap - James Brown Is Dead (Gabber Kick & Amen Juke Edit Full ver.)

>Interview with GORESHIT

> GORESHIT Guest Mix

we came to gangbang
wasting my time
loli fantasy
am i loli enough?
amiga flu
tooty fuckin' frooty!
najimi breakers
hit em up, sucka!
ministry of shit
shit yourself for fun
jeh, right!
wish i was here.
anatidae pervert attack
kimble rave (alpha)
seventy four (don the shell suit)
come home.
break free (not even!)
mohawk assassin


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