Tuesday, 28 June 2016

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (28JUN.2016) [FULL SHOW & TOP 5]

This show was recorded as broadcasted live on 28th June 2016 @ Planet Rave Radio live streaming from Athens/Greece - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD.

This week's show features 2 hrs of Nuskool Hardcore & Jungle sounds including promo/unreleased tunes from Master Mash, DJ Wislov, Hannibal Selector, Alex Breako & fresh vibes that will draw and have to draw your attention, while they're hot at the moment and available in various formats, with indicative highlight Force Mass Motion & Druid two tracks which were previously unreleased, but seeing the light of a vinyl/digital release during last week.

The show ends up with my special presentation of the new personal album from Dutch established badman, FFF. This album is titled 'In Fear' and consists of 11 tracks (9 original versions from FFF and 2 remixes by Cycheouts Ghost). Tommy himself has described this release as 'raggacore' and I'll add a few more words saying that must be his most mature work till the next one of course.
In case you haven't heard any LP previews so far, this mix is all you need to fall into his new buzz!

I'd like to thank all crew/ listeners for listening live and showing your love and of course Tommy (Triple Times F or FFF) for his great words about my 'In Fear' mix.


Force Mass Motion & Druid - Music
Force Mass Motion & Druid - Rave (Let's Go) [FMM]
DJ Dossa - X Control
B2N - Hardcore Come Again
Gareth Monks - Slammer Alert
Hannibal Selector - Let the Rhythm Flow
Yell-O-Phase - Rusher (DJ Wislov Remix)
Gareth Monks - Horn Attack (Nu Era Darkness Remix)
The Prodigy - G-Force (hxc kitta live from hyperspace mix)
Abyss - Injected With A Poison (Praga Khan't Touch This Mix)
Kolanek ft. Tokyo Noir - Your Love [DETRIMENTAL AUDIO]
Outlander - Vamp (Staccatissimo Revamp)
DapCat - Everything I need (Regent Cid Remix) [JURASSIC RECORDS]
Amen Holmes - Well Ruff
Apzolut - To The End [JIGSORE SOUND]
DJ Sashay - Amen Kingdom
Alex Breako & Wislov - Chaos & Confusion
Sariuo - Watcherman
Narcs - Soundclash [JURASSIC RECORDS]
Philip George - Wish You Were Mine (Loxley Remix) 
Breakforce One - The Edge [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
Liquid - Liquid is Liquid (NSF Deeper remix)
FFF - Amen Soldier (Cycheouts Ghost remix) 
FFF - Amen Soldier VIP 
FFF - No Hope (Trapped In Fear Remix) 
FFF - North 
FFF - The Other Side 
FFF - Murderous & Vicious 
FFF - Run Like A Fool 
FFF - Automation 
FFF - Crush and Bury (Cycheouts Ghost remix) 
FFF - Crush and Bury 
FFF - Prove Yourself VIP 




05. Abzolut - To The End [JIGSORE SOUND]

04. DapCat - Everything I Need (Regent Cid Remix)

03. FFF - Murderous & Vicious

02. Force Mass Motion & Druid - Rave (Let's Go) [FMM]

01. KOLANEK ft. Tokyo Noir - Your Love [DETRIMENTAL AUDIO]

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