Wednesday, 7 December 2016

TNO PROJECT (GER) Guest @ Generation X [RadioShow] - Planet Rave Radio (06 DEC.2016)

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio on 6th December 2016.
Presented & hosted by GL0WKiD. Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

It was about 2 years ago, while searching into Soundcloud treasure and found a young guy by the name of TNO Project or DJ Lukeass (his early alias) and so played out @ my show, his 'Now Fuck This' tune, which happened to be the first ever time a tune from him got an airplay as he told me.

German producer, TNO Project (a.k.a. Lukas Milbrandt) can be easily described as a 'badly underrated' producer I'd say. He has been doing an impressive work, a great variety of Breakbeat Hardcore/Happy Hardcore/Oldskool Breakbeat tunes as well as got a magnificent tune released on KFA77 'True Skool EP 12' and hopefully more to unleash in the near future by the Nuskool Hardcore boy-wonder!

A descendant of his idols Scooter & Marusha, who seems determined to keep his Hardcore character alive and offer much in the scene! Hence, he's my main subjet of my recent showcase. In other words a good chance getting to know him better and bigup him mainly for his young age, as he's only 17 years old full effect!!

The showcase's closing with an honourable and great moment of a 'world exclusive' tune sent yesterday by Luna-C - coming out next year as a Vinyl @ Kniteforce Records (KF66:: Alex Jungle - Elevate EP)

You can check the featured tracklist above and enjoy full recording of the show on the following mixcloud link!

- GL0WKiD mix
Graz - Caustic Neon [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]
Damage Inc. - Such Adrenalin (Bizarre Inc. vs N-Joi Mash Up)
DJ Oguretz - Rave Invasion (feat. Shanyana) (Ant To Be Remix)
Pursuit - New Landlord
Pursuit - Everybody In In The Place (Pursuit's amen remix 2016)
The Prodigy - Everybody Say Love (Champion Breaks aka Badboy Pete 2013 Remix)
DJ Nee - Horn Track Remix
Xenophobia ft. GL0WKiD - Glow To The Rush
DJ Nexus - A Ride
Morgue - Rockin' 1992
Dream Frequency - Take Me (Kid Perfect beat intro mix)

(Tunes on the background)
DJ LukeAss - Started Like This
Scooter - Hyper Hyper
Marusha - Raveland (Paul Elstak remix)
DJ LukeAss - Now Fuck This
TNO Project - The Advice

- TNO Guest-Mix Tracklist

01. Syko & Mak – Dream Cycle
02. Mine The Rhythm – Break
03. Jem 77 – Never Felt This Way
04. Jody Wisternoff – A Untitled X Psych Ting
05. Nexus & Blowback – Totally Gabbaged
06. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Ool Lortnoc (TNO Remix)
07. Connection – Alright
08. DJ Dynamic And DJ Phuturistic A k a M A N I C - Make It Real
09. Chrisby – Fascinating Rhythm
10. Luna-C - Free (Everybody's E)
11. Chrisby – Freedom
12. Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Remix)
13. Doc Tom – Broken Family
14. DJ Pleasure – You Gonna Love Me
15. TNO Project – Untitled (W.I.P.)
16. DJ LukeAss – Lucid Dreams

- GL0WKiD closing mix
TNO PROJECT (DJ Lukeass) - 2mellow4me (Make Me Feelin)
TNO PROJECT (DJ Lukeass) - Started Like This
TNO PROJECT (DJ Lukeass) - You Know Something
TNO PROJECT (DJ Lukeass) - Hall of Rave
TNO PROJECT (DJ Lukeass) - Train To Solemnity
TNO PROJECT (DJ Lukeass) - Error 909
TNO PROJECT (DJ Lukeass) - Dis 1 Wont Die
Alex Jungle - I Can't Explain [KF66 - Forthcoming KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

Next showcase will be the final of this year coming on air on 20th December as been busy with a 'Hall of Fame 2016'mix & 'Top 5 Releases of 2016' article over Strictly Nuskool Blog, which need to be sorted cos time and Santa Claus are hunting us lol.

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