Thursday, 29 March 2018

Interview with TNO Project / 'The Ultimate TNO Project Glowmix'

Everything I do, I do it for you. Not at all, I'm not singing that Bryan Adams tune; it's just how I feel these days, expressing myself through this blog. And what I feel on my 24/7 Hardcore March is pride, happiness and my heart looking like a smiley bright face.
To be more specific, I've recently got an interview with a young producer, one of the youngest in the scene as far as I know (alongside Gamma 909, Nayim, Luffy, LooPeZ on the under 25s club age).

TNO PROJECT is the project of Lukas Milbrandt from Germany and it was around 4 years ago when I found him on Soundcloud, then played "Now Fuck This" under his DJ Lukeass alias (first time a tune of him featured on a radio show). After that I've invited him to the ever-educational (a friend's opinion and I liked that) Generation X [RadioShow] where he got interviewed putting also an exclusive Guest Mix (listen full show). It was the right time just before the exposure. Just before getting himself into KFA and then Kniteforce Records featuring couple of his tunes on CD & Vinyl releases & compilations, but the dream never ends. And that's because after a lot of hard work and pure talent his debut 12" EP, called "FRAGMENTED BRAIN", comprised of 4 tunes, is out and available now on KF sub-label, Knitebreed Records!
And now I'm inclined to repeat that I'm totally happy and proud of my good friend, TNO Project. Aged 19 and the future belongs to him totally. The example of Hardcore will never die as Qbass used to scream out in the 90's.

And now here are some highlights of our Interview @ Strictly Nuskool Blog...

"....I mean, when I started listening to Hardcore and found out about Kniteforce, I was like 'Thats so cool, why coudn't I've been born 20 years ago?'
And now, I've got my own vinyl release on Kniteforce..."

"My first tune was probably "Actionvase" back in 2012 when I was 13 years old. You can still listen to it on YouTube by the way (haha).
I've been in contact with music since I was 6 years old playing the piano. Furthermore, my father played (and still plays) in various rock bands, which made me able to play with some music gear in the early days. I first got in touch with electronic music when my father showed me an old version of Cubase including Reason and we put some fx on our voices.
Then I made some random melodies with the Cubase midi editor and was carried away for some time. From that point, I used Garageband to make more tracks until I purchased Logic Pro X in 2016."

"It was the track "Now Fuck Dis", also featured as the first tune by me ever played on radio in your Gen X show. Luna-C liked it a lot apart of some small EQ errors and was actually up for release, but I already enabled the SoundCloud downloads; it was pretty annoying (lol)..."

Read full interview here

On behalf of his release and the interview we had, here's a mix I've done this week including exclusively TNO Project tunes (releases/unreleased/dubplates) just to thank him also for his public shouts on his Vinyl.
Vielen Dank Lukas und bleib stark im Hardcore!


BUY (USA/REST OF WORLD) click here


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