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From Russia With Beats (10 years of MANA BOOM)

Shu & Oranje (Mana Boom)

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A picture speaks a thousand bytes and as you can guess right the header picture of this blogpost is taken in Russia, specifically in Moscow.
The two starring boys is the very talented Nu-Rave duet and good friends of mine called
Mana Boom, comprised of Shu & Oranje.

Mana Boom celebrate this year their 10th anniversary, thus I've decided to make a mini feature about their 10th year together, on the grounds of my admiration to what they do and apparently their whole back catalogue of massive releases! We're dealing with a real underground act, good guys who still breath on raves and by raves!

Shu was injected with the Oldskool Rave movement around early 00's and in 2004 he started experimenting with music production. That time he has met his good friend DJ Kingston who introduced him to the Ragga Jungle world. The other half of the duo, Oranje, got musically involved in 2005 having also studied into music

First time I caught up with their sounds was around the summer of 2013, when 'Paranoid Recordings Volume 7' came out.
Above board, there's been a memorable decade that I've been showing full support to many great 'music soldiers' from Mother Russia, namely Ant To Be, ISE, Psychosomatic (ex DJ Sashay), Neap Tide, Liam Taylor, Spotovsky, Shifter, DJ Pink Champagne, DRMZ, S-Kid, Moz DJ, BR selecta. Good friends and always with some good words for and by them.

Reaching in May 2014, when I invited Mana Boom to make an exclusive Guest Mix for my radio show and eventually that was far way better than expected...29 tunes mixed up, either oldies, dubs or experiments and even their first ever tune with some live vox in, and more noteworthy bangers, are all featured on their Mix; a supreme showcase, which was recorded as broadcasted on Nu-Rave Radio.

You can listen to full show's recording on the link above.

In regards with their official releases, aside of Paranoid Recordings, they have also released an album in 2017, entitled 'Fever Shades', including their best of tracks (14 in total) available digitally via Mashed Youth Records from Russia.
Of course I won't skip their submission and essential feature on the 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.2' a 13-track compilation that I've been in works with Tariq Ziyad sorting out the exclusive tracklist and simultaneously promoting new artists.

Till we reach present's time and their brand new digital EP on my good friends over 4 The Core Recordings from UK. A deal which made me very happy as they're both good friends. Mark is running 4 The Core since last year, he has been a big supporter within Hardcore working his underground label really professionally with love & devotion.
I'd like to share the official promo statement for this release:

"4 The Core Recordings proudly welcomes truly awesome Russian talent in the form of MANA BOOM with their Debut EP, From Russia With BEATS!
The flavour of the day is amen break driven hardcore and jungle tekno.

'Star Wars' The mood is fierce and fiery on the stomping kicks, slamming breaks and dark, twisted tech-trance like synths.
'Kiss My Face' is a love letter to the seminal Kniteforce imprint with its intricate breaks, quirky vocals, roaring hoovers and super rushy piano.
'Sky Ring' plays with video game FX and fast paced jungle tekno melodies and drums. Anthemic piano makes up the midsection prepping the listener for some gorgeous LTJ Bukem style pads. This one really packs the atmosphere in!
'Sabre Dance' opens with a rousing film score that dances around hard hitting amens. The theatrical sounds, combined with jungle beats are a truly brilliant, Fresh & fun combo!

We're sure you'll agree these tracks are fresh, original and fire!"

On behalf of this great EP and their return in personal releases, I've made a minimix promoting it and showing off my love to them and the label.
'From Russia With Beats' is out now, calling you all to show your digital love to the boys that don't hide their passion for this music and remain underground and forever Hardcore! And yes not to forget that they celebrate their tens too!

Good, fair and easy gift this EP.


Shu VK
Oranje VK

From Russia With Beats and...
от мамы россии с любовью!

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