Sunday, 22 March 2020

The CD version of 'GLOWKiD pres. The Generation X Crew' is available now!

My dear friendos.
My compilation album has just landed to the network and you can order your CD copies (ONLY) now via Sonic Fortress Bandcamp page as the digital version comes out on 3rd April.


For anyone wondering or enquiring, the Digital version of the album will be available in less than 2 weeks from now in major platforms such as Beatport, Amazon, Tidal, Toolbox, 7 Digital Limited, Deezer, Google Play,. Apple Inc, Spotify etc.

Aside of all these, I got some pretty good special mixes to share from faithful Hardcore Rave soldiers that have loved quite a lot this release from the very first time and showed it off.
First of all, we got an exclusive radio show made by West Midlands Hardcore Breaks don the man like DJ CHZ, who played out all tunes from the album on his 'Hardcore Uproar' show @ Distinct FM (99.70 FM across West Midlands). This show was broadcasted on 14th March and you can listen to the full recording of it right here.  
(DJ CHZ album mix starts around 1:05:00)

Secondly we have a very good friend from Poland, currently based in Dublin, the Happy Hardcore DJane Teknociziak, early supporter of this release as well, who has dropped a rolling mix of all tracks from the album! Splendid!

Last but not least, a top notch review by my good fella and co-soldier over Strictly Nuskool Blog, the man like BreakbeatScientist who has unveiled his 'Hardcore' science into words, giving a wonderful write-up for this album. You can take a look here:

Need more?

Well... There's more mixes to come, more reviews and even more exposure.

Big Thank you to all, who are showing continuous kind feedback to my recent episode as well as anyone purchasing a CD copy of the album and supporting myself and every single head involved on this project. And remember, any little word, any sharing, any single bit around this release is much appreciated.
Back very soon with more buzz.
Till then, 'stay home' and wear a...GenX smile of optimism!

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