Tuesday, 19 May 2020

A Visible Emotional & Dancing Techno

"When you're born the first sound you hear is a screaming woman, unless your mother was anaesthetised. So your most primal sounds are, first of all the heartbeat, which is like the kick drum, and then a screaming woman. So we've all been listening to techno ever since we were born." - Moby

This quote is taken from the book 'Moby - Replay - His Life & Times', displaying how this little idiot but simultaneously a big genius, has defined his own Techno sound the last 30 years of action. An artist who has found his promise land on the experimental side of Dance music, inspiring loads of other musicians. Every album a new story, every synth line a different emotion and every beat a step closer to the dancefloor heaven.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of 'Everything Is Wrong', one of the best album releases of the '90s. A variable album which features from Techno bangers to ballads, till thrash metal. As ever, for every preference and type of mood, this 100% Artist has just returned with one more album expression entitled 'All Visible Objects'. And his 17th full-length studio work has just landed on planet earth in order to revive the rave emotions of the '90s. It's fresh and dispersed on 11 tunes, just the right time, as during the lockdown days most of us have been sharing youth memories and PLUR vibes, even from distance.

The album title is taken from the 1851 novel 'Moby Dick' written by his great-great-great granduncle Melvine Hall quoting:

"All visible objects, man, are but as pasteboard masks. But in each event - in the living act, the undoubted deed - there, some unknown but still reasoning thing puts forth the mouldings of its features from behind the unreasoning mask."

'All Visible Objects' is a bit of controversial album, as the critics are already half good, half bad. The majority of it includes some exceptional highlights such as the opener of this release, 'Morningside'. An ode to 'Go' maybe? Well, first of all with this title, Moby pays homage to his neighborhood of birth, Morningside Heights in New York and it's a kinda inner trip to his discovery of Electronic Dance Music as he says. This track is an oldskool inspired, Tech-House 125 bpm tune, using his trademark with a killer Techno vocal loop. Of course, not to forget the first single & video of his new album, 'Power Is Taken'. A political track where Moby collaborates with Dead Kennedy's drummer D. H. Peligro and rapper Boogie, to express their rage and a lyrical raised fist to fight against the oppressors. Apparently, this is the most powerful tune of the record, a dark revolutionary punch in-your-face, which production-wise reminds quite a lot of Faithless.

"To us who were of necessary birth, for the earth's hard and thankless toil, silence has no meaning" are lyrics from 'Refuge'. A 126 bpm hard house track to be added to the list of those dancing tracks.

On the contrary, we got also the emotional side and that is presented by the euphoric dub techno-ish 'Rise Up In Love', the impeccable synths of 'One Last Time'; a sad but no negative tune at all. Also, 'Separation' an ambient piece of piano beauty to the 10min. long tracks 'Too Much Change' and the self-titled masterpiece 'All Visible Objects'.

Noteworthy also to mention his cover on Roxy Music 1980 'My Only Love' as Moby's been collecting their records since his college years. A supreme piano touch, ambient perfection kinda on his own spaceship that we've been tripping the last years. A tune that will make you both cry and smile, surrounded by the amazing vocals by the LA singer Mindy Jones. Then it's 'Forever' (second time using this title, first was in 'Hotel' LP 2005) and this is an absolutely amazing track. You can appreciate for thousand times Moby's synth skills and creativity. It's certainly one of those great tracks of this album that can draw a landscape in your mind.
And last but not least, a special reference to 'Tecie', a tune which will be included on a forthcoming project from him about the animal rights as he said. We gotta keep our eyes peeled then.

The album is out now on limited 2x clear Vinyl, 2x Black Vinyl, CD and digitals and all profits will be donated to digital non-profit animal and human rights like Brigher Green, Mercy for Animals, Rainforest Action Network, Extinction Rebellion, the American Civil Liberites Union, Animal Equality, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, The Humane League, International Anti-Poaching Foundation, The Good Food Institute and the Invisible Project.

Moby's humility and integrity is relentless. A man who's been donating the last years most of his music profits for animal & human rights charities & organizations, his restaurant, his free film music site (www.mobygratis.com). Almost three decades of emotional and dancing Techno should not be skipped by anyone. This odd good guy and music philosopher, never disappoints us and has just returned calling you all to join his new trip to a visible world of emotions and dancing, the way we felt back then. The way we have to feel every single day.

A superb early 'musical' vaccine of corona ...

Long live Moby!

'Moby - All Visible Objects'

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