Saturday, 23 May 2020

New Glowmix:: The Sound of Bad Boy Pete

And now what I can say about this man...
Musically speaking, a freaking 303 mental hero, an authentic Techno-head and on a personal level, a bosom buddy. A good example of how music is powerful and connects people with no arrogance but humility.

'Bad Boy' Pete started djing in the early 90's forming also his own imprints called Getafix Records and Anarko Dub Tekno obeying to the rules of the underground; self-described as 'The future (pirate) sound of London'. He's been mostly specified in the Techno/Acid Techno angle and every set of him drives people mad, from UK to Poland, France, Italy (some of the places he has already played out) and several festivals as well as indoor & outdoor parties.

Our connection?

It was around 2013, when he first contacted me, sending me a great amount of his released & unreleased 145 bpm Acid Breaks material under his Champion Breaks moniker. By that time, I've included many exclusive airplays on my show; tracks like 'Extasy Make You Lovely' or 'Earful of Coke' till the big bootleg that bends our friendship that is 'Everybody Say Love'.

The story behind this track...

One day of October 2013, he told me that he always wanted to make a special tune as an 'exclusive gift' to myself and my show, a remix that would provide that indisputable spiritual vibe of back in the day. His aim was to take over on The Prodigy's 1993 remix on 'Everybody Say Love' by Magi & Emanation.

The result was fair enough big! A mental acid breaks remix that flies you away to the PLUR vibes, using also Liam Howlett's voice sample and waking emotions from the oldskool era..Reel Feel! So this remix has instantly inspired me to create a video, which took me almost 2 hours as far as I remember, combining some essential 90's footage from various Prodigy gigs during their Experience & Jilted eras.

We're dealing with a tune/remix that certainly pays homage to The Prodigy and gets you pure ravey goosebumps.
I've been collecting tons of Prodigy remixes and stuff in general and I'm inclined to say that this one's one of the biggest remixes & fan bootlegs ever done on a Prodigy track. I used to drop it to every single Prodigy party I've played out and people would enquiry me 'Man that's sick! Who did that?'.

Returning to present's time and a new mix I've just made as I received a new pack of tunes & demos of him during the lockdown period.
This is something to celebrate again our friendship, moreover a reminder to the headstrong crew out there, to dance hard.
'The Sound of Bad Boy Pete' is my fresh mind-boggling mix going under an approx. 155 bpm speed and it simply obtains the 4/4 Acid Techno side of Bad Boy Pete and only.

Warning:: Contains harsh Acid Techno for your old dinosaur neighbours.
Beware of that. Press 'Play' and let the panic do the talking.


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