Sunday, 28 June 2020

GLOWKiD Generation X [RadioShow] pres. LEEROY THORNHILL Special + Interview (27JUN.2020)

Leeroy Thornhill, is one of those exceptional musicians, an indispensable music hero of my youth, a man who has inspired many kids during 90s with his unique shuffle dance footwork as one quarter of The Prodigy, a 100% music passionate expressing himself with production & djing and last but not least a legend who's now celebrating his 30 years within the Dance scene, by releasing a new album.

'EVOLVE' is the name of his new album comprised of 20 tunes (all made by him) and varied of styles, such as trip hop, breaks, ragga, funk. A far away different concept of an album than the rest. An actual journey, played in 1 track of a unique 50 minutes flight, where you can't choose any separated track, but to relax and feel the vibe, the soul and the groove of Leeroy.

On the grounds of his new release, I had the pleasure to have some chat with him some days before the official release of his album. I really enjoyed it, therefore I've made on my own 100% handmade doodle of this special edition of Generation X [RadioShow]. As you can notice it's a combination of his 'Longman EP' from 1996 and the fresh 'EVOLVE' artwork. And of course this show was broadcasted exclusively on Kniteforce Radio.

For those who know me and follow my Prodigy related shows; anything's dealing with the boys is a mission to me. So, I gave my best to represent the vibe that this man has been offering the last years. I've decided to mix some tunes from his back catalogue accompanied ideally with the Interview. All in all you can listen to a strict-LEE showcase, as all tunes included are either made by him solo, remixes or even collabs (e.g. Smash HIFI).

The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Leeroy Thornhill 2017 Edit)
Longman - Rock It
[1996 - WHITE LABEL]
Shades of Rhythm - Psycho Base (Longman Remix) [1997 - DRUM-ATTIC RECORDS]
Leeroy Thornhill - Rudeboy [2020 - SELF RELEASE]
Leeroy Thornhill - Get on It [2020 - SELF RELEASE]
Smash HiFi - Bombs 'n' Beartraps (feat. Legionaires) [2016 - NO LIMITS]
Smash HiFi - Everything U Need [2008 - ELECTRIC TASTEBUDS]
Maxim feat. Cianna Blaze - 808 (Leeroy Thornhill Remix) [2014 - WE ARE NOIZE]
Leeroy Thornhill - Burn The House Down [2015 - MENU MUSIC]
Leeroy Thornhill - Wait For Me [2018 - GET HYPE RECORDS]

  • INTERVIEW (Full play of 'EVOLVE' on the background) 
  • CLOSING TRACK: B2 Lowrise EP [1993 - WHITE LABEL]

Enjoy the recording of the show here:

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