Sunday, 6 September 2020

#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 008:: New Vinyl Labels Fight Against Pandemic

Anyone who thought that the pandemic will destroy Hardcore, has simply barked up the wrong tree...

On this account, my brand new episode of #GLOWBUZZ has just landed on planet Earth, focusing on new Vinyl labels (specified in Hardcore Breakbeat and Jungle sounds) that were launched during this year and amid the pandemic.
Bigup to those people who formed a label in this year; they followed their plan and they overcome day-by-day the hard times of corona by dedicating their passion and strong desire to release quality music on wax.
To be fair, there'd be more newbie label babies from this year, but I'd stuck on six of them only on this episode.

Specifically, the UK based Second Drop Records, Time Tunnel Recordings, Four Jacks, Future Retro, Tuff Tunes and 3AM Eternal from Netherlands.
There's some special guest contribution by Paul Bradley (co-owner of Second Drop), the mighty Paul Kingsize known of his Kniteforce action (owner of Time Tunnel Recordings) and FFF a.k.a. Tommy De Roos who's running 3AM Eternal. These three label managers open their files introducing their labels, boosting their first releases and analyzing how hard was the vinyl output during these ruff months.

In addition, TNO Project from Germany, a resident of Kniteforce new breed of artists, makes two wonderful mixes exclusive for this episode, mixing some tracks off the new labels' first releases. Talking about Kniteforce Records, there's also a new remix by KF head honcho, Luna-C over 4 The Core Recordings debut 12" Vinyl EP and also a mad video by the Dutch badboy, Coco Bryce, showing off his skating skills over his forthcoming tune on KF label.

All in all, we're dealing with one more episode, I'm very proud sorting out in almost less than a month, moreover showcasing labels and music vibes that are some of the highlights of the Nuskool Hadcore and Jungle of this year. Follow the links, support the artists and never stop to believe in our music movement!
The vibe of unity kills everything!

Enjoy watching and any feedback is much appreciated.
They say 'sharing is caring' right?

✶ Presented & Directed by GL0WKiD (
✶ Video Editing by GL0WKiD & Akrivi Kollia (
✶ Intro by 2NZY/Damage Inc. (
✶ Outro: [KFW08] Beeno - From The Past [KNITEFORCE WHITE]

Music featured
  • [3AM 01] FFF - Obedience [3AM ETERNAL]
  • [FRMOTM001] Dwarde & Tim Reaper - Inside Of Me [FUTURE RETRO]
  • [4J-001] Boca ft. Porgus - Watching The World Go By [FOUR JACKS]
  • [TUFF12001] Tuff Tunes - Like This [TUFF TUNES RECORDS]
  • [TUNNEL001] Grindzone - The Path [TIME TUNNEL RECORDINGS]
  • [3AM 01] FFF - Cut Bwoy [3AM ETERNAL]
  • Sidestalker - Sweeney Todd [Self Release]
  • [SDR01] DJ Beeno & Aeon Four - Dangerous [SECOND DROP]
  • [SDR01] DJ Beeno & Aeon Four - Love of a Ruffneck [SECOND DROP]
  • [KFCD32] Industries Of The Blend - Dont Think [KNITEFORCE]
  • [4TCR-V001] DJ Revive - Just Dance (Luna-C Remix) [4 THE CORE]
  • [KF133] Coco Bryce - The Force Will Be With You [KNITEFORCE]

TNO Project Mixes

[SDR01] Beeno & Aeon Four - Blinded [SECOND DROP RECORDS]
[SDR01] Beeno & Aeon Four - Spring In My Step [SECOND DROP RECORDS]


[4J-001] Boca ft. Porgus - Glisten [FOUR JACKS]
[FRMOTM002] Worldwide Epidemic & Tim Reaper - Losing Control [FUTURE RETRO]

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