Thursday, 15 October 2020

“I like the music but I don't want to be told what to wear, or how to behave when I'm at a club" - Interview with ACID STEVE

Moving to a strictly Acid Techno tip this time...
London's Acid Steve is my latest interviewee (this time for the duties of the Iconic Underground Magazine) focusing mainly on his forthcoming 12" Vinyl EP on his own own label.

"This release is about the concept of Techno being made, played and I guess you could say ingested in a free party environment"

A release comprised of some of the elite players of the Hard Techno sound alongside his own majesty, such as Biri 'N' Chris The Liberator, The Geezer and Bad Boy Pete. The latter is one of the big reasons for this interview, as his track has an interetsing background story capsulated during a trip to Berlin's night life.

"Last year we went for a weekend wanting to check out the Techno scene. We got turned away from Berghain, which happens to many people, so no big deal. Problem was that we then visited a couple of other clubs and they turned us away too. No explanation, just “no”. We weren’t drunk or anything, so that was when we thought “hang on, this is bullshit. We’re not drunk, none of these clubs have a dress code, we’re here for the music, so if you don’t want us to come in, say why.”

For clubs to play Techno, music that originated within marginalized communities, and then operate a door policy where people are expected to queue and then get turned away – without telling them why? Fuck that. Front up and give a reason, otherwise, it looks like you’ve got something to hide.

I totally get that clubs like Berghain are alternative and they want to protect that vibe. The thing is, I know plenty of clubs that manage to do that, without this door policy bollocks. Fetish clubs, gay clubs, goth clubs, whatever the subculture, plenty manage to keep the right diversity. Memberships, dress codes, rules on their websites, or giving people a chance and then throwing them out if they behave like dickheads. Or just having security who will explain why you can’t come in. The main thing is that they’re upfront with their reasons.

So Pete’s track came from that experience. We ended up in a wicked place anyway, a proper mix of people from different backgrounds. No hassle from security, cheap bar, banging music. Basically the kind of vibe that Acid Techno is all about."

Steve reveals also his top DJs at the moment, the future of Avinit Records and his digital label Pounding Warehouse as well as showing his optimism and talking about the future of Techno.

"The biggest threat to Techno is the lack of underground clubs and alternative spaces. Even before Covid, parasite developers have been allowed to rip the guts out of London nightlife for years, closing clubs to build rabbit-hutch flats normal people can’t afford."

You can read the full interview in here:

AVINIT008 (Forthcoming on Avinit Records - Early 2021)

A1 Bad Boy Pete "Fuck superclubs it's avin it 'ere"
A2 The Geezer "Scorpion Pills"
B1 Acid Steve "Do it"
B2 Biri 'N' Chris Liberator "They have no right"


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