#GLOWBUZZ is a video project born in 2018, combining and focusing more on stuff that express me in overall. Music, Video, Blogging and most important...Presentation.

It’s all about a fresh video show (vlog) promoting, pushing out & showcasing mainly anything around Nuskool Hardcore, Nu-Rave & nu - Jungle, such as Producers, Acts,labels, DJs and anything within this field highlighting the evolution of this movement. It has been receiving amazing feedback from established people all around the scene, 
like Acen, Luna-C, Mark Archer from Altern 8, Liquid, DJ Faydz, Try Unity, Jay Cunning, Coco Bryce, Damage Inc. DJGEN, Nefti, Stu & Nee, Systec, TNO, Abo, Ant To Be, the Happy League and many many more other Rave stalwarts all around the globe!

Definetely something that's missing nowdays. 
Fans of Oldskool, this is a good chance to revive that day in something more modern. All ravers of youth age, this is how it rolls in present's time... Educational, fun, energetic and friendly; that is the new video series of a project, called #GLOWBUZZ.

You can watch all episodes in Full HD above. Enjoy!

#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 001:: Nuskool Hardcore recommendations
A special presentation of five outstanding new Hardcore Breaks/Happy Hardcore releases, with the likes of Insane & Mind, Dave Skywalker & Jow, Vibe Controller, Sanxion, Bennie D Johhnie C.


#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 002:: Forthcoming Kniteforce Records 12" Vinyl Releases
Exclusive presentation of four fresh 12" EPs forthcoming on Kniteforce Records with the likes of Liquid, Hyper on Experience, Pete Cannon and Gothica Shade.


#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 003:: 5 Super Recommended Hardcore acts
Mini introduction of the new breed of Hardcore/Jungle producers & acts, who are full of wealthy talent and big tunes over the last years.
Hats off to Try Unity (UK), Luffy (Hungary), TNO Project (Germany), Aeon Four (Finland) and Amaretto (Japan).


#GLOWBUZZ Ep 004:: Calling The Hardcore from Brighton to East London [Interview with TRY UNITY]
On a UK trip from East London (standing at the site where the legendaries Club Labrynth and Four Aces Club used to be) till the infamous Calling The Hardcore events in Brighton, along with an exclusive interview with the best Hardcore Breaks live act at the time being, the trio of TRY UNITY.


#GLOWBUZZ Ep 005:: The Man Behind The Mask Essential - Interview with Mark Archer (Altern 8 - Nexus 21)
Exclusive Interview with one of the Fathers of Rave, opening his 31 year old music career chatting about many interesting stories and topics, while offering some special Altern 8 and Nexus 21 footage. That is by all means a special show and big tribute paying homage to the man behind the mask, Mark Archer!


#GLOWBUZZ Ep 006:: Moments That Defined The Rave Year 2019
Celebration of the Rave Year 2019 presenting the best albums, music books, rave film, best remix and from a big return (Acen) to a sudden loss (Keith Flint)...Including also special guests/contributors Rory Hoy, Orestiz and Manuel from MobyNews.


#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 007:: Introducing 'GLOWKiD pres. The Generation X Crew'
A special presentation of my compilation album, coming alongside 9 producers guesting and talk about their submission to the album, our music friendship over the years as well as a Guest dancer spinning his body wheels exclusively for this episode. Proper buzzing!


#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 008:: New Vinyl Labels Fight Against Pandemic
This episode is focusing on Vinyl labels launched during 2020 amid the pandemic. Specifically, UK's Second Drop Records, Time Tunnel Recordings, Tuff Tunes, Future Retro and Four Jacks plus 3AM Eternal from Netherlands. There's guest contribution by FFF, Paul Bradley and Paul Kingsize introducing their labels & first releases and analyzing the risks behind releasing a record amid pandemic. 
Also Kniteforce Records new blood, TNO Project, offers some exclusive mini mixes from his studio in Germany and Coco Bryce 'skating' his forthcoming fresh tune over Kniteforce!
And a new Luna-C remix, forthcoming on 4 The Core Recordings debut 12" EP.

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